Wedding Photography / Videography

Wedding Photography / Videography

As in life, too much of one thing isn’t always the best idea. It’s the same with wedding photography. We are constantly asked about the photojournalistic style compared to traditional portraiture. Brides emphasize the importance of capturing candid moments, but almost always express the necessity to creatively document who was actually there. The truth is, you need both! Our photographers collaborate with each couple to find the perfect balance to give you exactly what you want. We understand wedding images need to be timeless and not represent some trend in the industry at the moment. We want you to cherish your pictures on your 5th or 20th anniversary just as much as you will when you see them for the first time. An investment in beautiful images of the great moments in life is money well spent.

Wedding Packages

Our wedding packages start at $225.00. There is no “one-fits-all” wedding, so our packages are tailored to meet the needs and vision of each couple. We do a pre-consultation with you to arrange and discuss your vision. Call us today to get started: 440.663.1610.

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