Church social motion graphics and ads for your church's social media

As low as $4

Let us help grow your church's social media

More engagement

Get more engagement on your social media platforms with these motion graphics and videos!

More time

Free up your work load and let us design / create / manage your social platform(s)!

More options

Our motion graphics are created with social in mind, but you can also use them for screens and even print so you can get tons of mileage out of the graphics. You can even use your image editor to add your own logo on the images.

More you

All motion graphics can be customized to your color themes for branding and immediate recognition.

church motion graphic 01
church motion graphic 03
church motion graphic 02
Audio Visualizers
church motion graphic 06

Enliven your social feed

Sermon motion graphics

We’re more than just social, even though social drives everything we do. Part of that is including great sermon series graphics for you to use at your church.

Audio Visualizer motion graphics

You've seen the post with the words / lyrics timed to the audio, and the graphic equalizers tuned to the sound? Yeah, we do that too!!!

Praise & Worship motion graphics

Highlight your worship leaders with music and brand content that gets you noticed, drives traffic to your feed and/or website and spreads the message of the gospel!

Trusted by many Christian sites to create their content

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Our Popular Packages

Pre-Made Graphics

Select From Ready Made Graphics
$ 8
  • Unlimited Downloads
  • New Graphics Added Monthly
  • Post, Square, Story Sizes
  • ($4 ea. without subscription)

Custom Motion Graphics

Branded custom graphics
$ 18
  • Designed to your specifications
  • Post, Square, Story Sizes
  • The more you buy, the you save
  • As low as $12 each
  • 2=$34 | 3=$45 | 4=$56 | 5=$60

Graphics Subscription

Monthly custom graphic
$ 99
  • Up-to 15 custom motion graphics
  • Manage one (1) social platform
  • Unlimited Downloads of Pre-made graphics

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